A New Generation of Boating

The Sealver Wave Boat range transforms your regular jet ski into a power boat. The attachment process takes a matter of seconds and once you’re out on the water, simply detach the jet ski if desired. Never before has a jet ski been so practical, open to a multitude of users and able to satisfy the boating needs of an entire family. The Sealver Wave Boats, ranging in size from 4.4m to 7m, allow operation in previously inaccessible areas due to it’s low draft and maneuverability. RAD Marine is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Sealver Wave Boats. The boats are built in the South of France and exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. 3D Virtual Reality technology is used to shape, mould and design these amazing watercrafts. The construction process of Sealver Wave Boats is the hand laying of fibreglass & resins creating a watercraft that is durable & light weight without compromising the strength. The compatibility kits make switching between jet ski models or brands achievable and effortless. This patented system keeps the jet ski perfectly connected to the boat and prevents any movement. Providing the best of both worlds, offering a new generation of boating. 


Thanks to our compatibility kits and our boat buckle strap system, the Wave Boat is compatible with all Yamaha (except EX), SeaDoo (except Spark), Kawasaki Ultra and 15F models. This patented system keeps the jetski perfectly connected to the boat and prevents any movement . The compatibility kits allow switching between jet ski models or brands very easy.

The Switch

Approved as a class C boat you can widen your playground from lakes, and coastal waters to open sea with the ability to switch from a PWC to a passenger carrying vessel giving you the best of both worlds.


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